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There I sit on a Sunday afternoon aimlessly browsing the web. I get this feeling. A weird feeling all of a sudden, something’s incomplete, something is pending but I wouldn’t know what or why even I’m getting this thought. Amidst this confusion I open up IMDB to get my daily dose of  seeking knowledge on the movies. I look at the top movies and there it strikes like a lightning. I have to write a review on Inception! More than that I have to blog after a really long time. My friends keep cursing me for that and in an instant I log into my blog account expecting spider webs, butterflies out of cocoons and an inch of dirt on the dashboard of my blog page (digital fantasy of mine I guess). There I see it, my last post, posted ages ago in the month of October 2009, no wonder I got a feeling of incompleteness. I decide to pull myself together and start thinking on posting the review. After an hour or so, I commence…
I’ve got three questions before we begin, no big deal, just three:
When was the last time you woke up realising that it was only a dream?
When was the last time you felt that your dream was so real that you refused to accept reality after waking up?
When was the last time that you arrived at a solution to a real world problem within a dream?
Now answer these questions to yourself but you just can’t restrict your thoughts, thinking only about that time, can you? and the answers don’t just turn out to
be mere time references, do they?
I give you a complete autonomy to exercise your intellection on this.

So many thoughts erupting within my mind while I sat in the cinema hall watching Inception, something which had happened with me for the first time. I was immersed
in a mental debate, arguing with myself, exploring the possibilites. Thinking and rethinking from scene to scene. An experience I’ll never forget when I watched Inception for the first time. You would find two types of people. The ones who are completely bowled over by the movie’s brilliance and the ones who don’t understand it enough to apprecitate it, obviously disliking it. Only in the extremes but none in between. This post of mine, I would like to point out, may appear to be a review on Inception but it veritably is an apprecitation of the movie. I believe that I can’t review a movie of such high calibre! Although this post has been kept as spoiler-free as possible, reading it after watching the movie is recommended.
I’ve got this protocol of mine when watching movies which are eagerly awaited by me for their release, great movies I might add. The whole thing itself is a saga limited to my perception of it. The first obvious thing is that I watch the trailer. The trailer of Inception was pretty impressive having this strong and imperitive line: “What is the most resilient parasite? – An Idea!”, just giving clues about the movie rather than narrating a mini-plot like most of the trailers of other movies.

The next step is that I try to watch the other movies made by the director or the movies in which the lead actor has acted. But since I’m a huge fan of both Nolan and DiCaprio, I’ve watched almost all their movies many times over! I’ll be damned if I don’t mention The Dark Knight! So anyway I skipped the second part and eagerly awaited the movie’s release for close to six months! The third part is the best, I watching it. I was absolutely thrilled, elevated in excitement. Inception delivered more than what I expected from it. I’d like to argue against its comparison with The Matrix whcih is another favourite of mine. Both are masterpieces in their own exceptional way, concepts of which appear to be same on the surface but are entirely different when you dig in deep. The last part, I complete watching my awaited movie and the aftermath-never ending discussions about the movie with my friends which I thoroughly enjoy.

Inception portrays an idea, a thought and not a story I feel. This itself is one strong concept to tackle. It manoeuvres around the speculative topic of dreams and how one is affected by it. Christoper Nolan, who is the mastermind behind this chef-d’oeuvre, brings out the otherwise endless and complex concept of dreams in an understandable manner in the movie with a  delicate enigmatic influence in it. This leading to many interesting mental debates leaving you arguing with yourself and others around. No one watching it would be a mere viewer, it would bring out a thinker in him/her. The visuals are a treat, keeping Computer Graphics (CG) only at appropriate places as Nolan believes in capturing whatever’s required on camera and then enhancing the shots with CG. One attribute of using camera techniques instead of pure CG is that it is much more realistic to watch and gives the film a sense of integrity.
The process of casting plays a crucial role in movie making, to help understand its vitality imagine Schwarzenegger being casted as the male lead in the movie Titanic! The characters are brought out well by the all the actors, DiCaprio never fails to impress me with his performances.
The plot of the movie is direct but not simple. It is moulded into this sensitively complex idea which the movie stands for. Nolan has focussed more on conveying the essence, the idea behind the movie rather than its plot . The plot is layered. Three layers which are certainly hierarchical and one more independent layer, elaboration of which is irrelevant within the frame of this post. Its not just any other science fiction movie. It belongs to a rare genre of  thought induction, which itself is something to ponder upon. Definition of a dream from wikipedia says that a dream is a succession of images, sounds or emotions that the mind experiences during sleep. When we are awake our mind takes input from the real world while in a dream the input is from itself. The mind creates and perceives its own world in a closed loop, which is another ingenious observation brought out in the movie. And as far as the story goes it is better to keep it within the walls of the theatres if you know what I mean!
A great background score can make significant difference in a viewing experience. The score by the living genius Hans Zimmer is very much the way it used to be; unique, sublime and aesthetic. It quite literally makes you relate with parts of the movie when you listen to the soundtracks separately. Now there lies its success! I particularly liked “Non, Je ne regrette rien” by Edith Piaf, a french classic, the song which the characters use to synchronise their process of waking up from a dream.

In summary, Inception creates a landmark in cinema. It stands as a stupefying accomplishment and sea change in storytelling and cerebral cinema. A must watch, a multiple watch movie I should say! I had this unusually pleasant perplexed state of mind when I exited the cinema hall after the first time viewing. One can have a pretty good understanding after watching it many times over but never a complete understanding which is actually the best part of this movie experience. The swirling cities, unusual landscapes and flying objects are certainly attention worthy but the film’s genuine strengths are its mathematical, realistic and mystic ventures into the mental territory, and its sophisticated execution, which confides upon the brainpower of the audience.
You don’t just watch Inception. You experience it!
Finally there it was, after a long time there was sunshine and I was out of my hibernation! I had completed the draft of the review of one of the most brilliant movies I had watched in recent times, just one more step and I was done. I clicked the publish button. one click, two clicks, three clicks, endless multiple clicks?! It just wasn’t getting posted! I tried to refresh the page repeatedly but nothing seemed to work. At this jucnture a panic button within me was struck. I had put up a sincere effort in breaking my baseless self declared strike on blogging due to sheer ignorance and now everything was collapsing! I hit the interrupt keys, Ctrl+Alt+Delete as a last resort only get more disappointed. Even the interrupt keys weren’t responding. Curses! Before I could digest what happended, Poof! my blog page got closed, it just disappeared! Total devastation. All of a sudden “Non, Je ne regrette rien” starts playing on my PC?! as if I had lost control of my PC. I was dumbstruck. The volume of the song kept increasing with every second till it was painfully unbearable. I decided to pull the plug, I tried to reach for the plug, with pain in my ears but no, I somehow couldn’t reach it as though my hand had frozen in mid air! I tried hard, harder and even harder with the song getting louder and louder….. and then what happened?!
And then I WOKE UP!

“It’s getting dark here, I can see the sky fade into darkness”
“I see that. I’ve heard bad things on the news this morning, my fear’s turning into a reality! Lets get to an open ground before the roof comes down!”
“What if the ground beneath collapses? where’ll we run? There is no escape!”
“Well at least we’ll have a last look at our monument before its gone forever, I don’t know what’ll happen next but no one can steal this moment from us”
“God forgive us!”


The above conversation though imaginary for now, could well happen in the future if the speculation surrounding the events predicted to happen in the year 2012 were to be true. The very thought of it affrights many people.
Haven’t heard of it? Let me introduce it to you as briefly as I can.

“The 2012 phenomenon is a present day cultural meme proposing that cataclysmic or transformative events will occur in the year 2012. The forecast is based primarily on what is claimed to be the end-date of the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar…” is how the article on the 2012 phenomenon begins in Wikipedia. Putting it across a layman’s perception: The world we live in today has been predicted to end in the year 2012. The best part is yet to come. They even have the time and date! 17:41 hrs, December 21st, 2012 to be precise, so they say.
The protagonists in this whole issue being the Mayans, members of a primitive Mesoamerican civilization, last lived about 2000 years ago. The Mayan calendar prophetizes on the apocalypse due in the year 2012. You can get tons of information about this on the web, but regardless of the source or the prediction what matters is the impact it has on our modern day civilization. I refer to the term ‘modern’ because this is not the first time in human history that a prediction on doomsday has been made. There are numerous accounts of predictions and prophecies throughout history , evidentially speaking, none of them have come true if not for coincidence. Future predictions: Tactics used by the bureaucrats to keep the society under control, worked pretty well in those days where people lived in a world which they did not fully understand. It was just 500 years ago that people realised that the world was not flat! I am, by no means, criticizing our ancestors but sympathizing on them as the so called ‘prognosticators’ use to pull of thaumaturgies to control the society in which they lived. But today, the situation is different. We have advanced both socially and scientifically. Our reactions have become quite mature, if not fully. Just recently, back in 1999 there was a prediction about the end of the world set to happen on the 1st of January, 2000. Its 2009 already and yet the world lives in full bloom. I bet you would have heard the Y2K problem or the millennium bug which was feared to crash computers around the world. Our reaction to these problems were a bit panicky in the beginning and yet we overcame our dreads in the end.
World renowned physicist Dr. Michio Kaku points out “Yes, this 2012 nonsense is, indeed, nonsense.” He says that if you look at the Mayan calendar, which is where this 2012 business originates, it runs in cycles. It just so happens that December 21, 2012 is the end of one such cycle, but that another cycle begins the very next day.
Stupidity is in the air. One insane mind has to hit the panic button and the rest is natural. People go crazy over things without investigation. To fuel the current distress, next month Hollywood’s “2012” opens in cinemas, featuring earthquakes, meteor showers and a tsunami dumping an aircraft carrier on the White House. In fact, I, being a Movie Buff, am very much looking forward to watch the movie as soon as it gets released, but only for the entertainment’s sake and nothing else. I watched the trailer of the movie ‘2012’ the other day and also want you to watch it.

I am sure the movie is going to excel at the box-office after all the non-sponsored publicity it has got from the media. This is a mega entertainer which has captured the curiosity of the masses. The movie 2012 is terrible in a way that it has caused a stir across the world, and we’d all be better off if it didn’t exist. What we should also acknowledge is that, no, the year 2012 will not, in and of itself, mean the death of mankind. Maybe we’ll blow ourselves up before then considering the current constant military exigencies, but 2012 isn’t some magical year that you should all be afraid of.
Just step out of your house, open your eyes wide and look at what we’ve done to our full-of-life lonely planet. The pollution and the misuse of resources have grown to such an extent, we’re in for a big unpleasant surprise in the near future. Today, as we steadily pollute the land, sky and waters around us, we damage this planet. The sure ‘slow kill’ of most pollutants often goes unnoticed, unlike an oil tanker disaster where the destruction of coastal and marine life can be photographed for the World’s front pages. When a calamity strikes, it strikes without warning. Are we prepared for it? The answer’s a big NO! All we know is how to panic, we are experts in that. This post alone cannot move the minds of people into identifying the real problems and taking the right steps to solve them, but helps me in self-inspiration and to satiate myself.


I am an optimist on this 2012 issue. Much of optimism is expected from the people too. The bottom line is whether you are an optimist and view a partly filled glass of water as half full, or a pessimist seeing only a half empty glass of water, you always want your water to be CLEAN! Only the future that we’re going to step into, can tell the real story on 2012.

Pessimist: “Everything that has a beginning has an End”
Optimist: “End is at the beginning of something”

There’s an old saying that ‘optimists tend to make things happen whilst pessimists tend to allow things to happen’.

Which one of the above two you are going to play a part of, is up for only you to decide.

If you are thinking that this is another innovative product from Apple, think again because you might have the wrong idea! This is just my name with A, B and H left out.
This is my first blog ever and truly is an intention less article but is more of a motivation to my endless exploration of the Holy ‘e-Space’ or simply the Internet. Hence I have written whatever came up or may be, just popped up on my ever chaotic mind! No, I am no psychopath but a person who’s mind  constantly thinks sensibly or insensibly, but none the less, thinks for sure. This is not an effort to  highlight myself in any way, but it’s only me and my thoughts laid out humbly before you.

Blogging was something that never really had caught my attention till recently, even though I would pour hours crawling on the Web. Blogging, as I see it, is more of an art, an avenue to express oneself. Every Blogger who may or may not realize, is an author of a paper less book.
Nowadays creativity is talked about so much that people have actually started ignoring it. Any talk on creativity initiates an inner thought like “I’ve heard this before” and usually results in a person land in to confusion or may be, sometimes, jump in to conclusions. All of those who profess on creativity should realize that one cannot force creativity into the mind, but the unbiased and unprejudiced mind itself  should be freely flowing with thoughts and the rest is secondary because what follows as result of free thinking is creativity. Now, this is not a session on ideologies or philosophies from me but simply a means to convey that Blogging is a creative expression of one’s thoughts but somehow clearly distinguishing it from an essay.

I particularly like the nights, the juncture at which semi conscious mind of mine, has sunk into the abyss of an ocean of experiences, the moment when everything rolls back, everything good and bad, purposeful and non-purposeful, so on and so forth. These are the times when unanswered questions are answered, and up to some extent, i feel, one can seek the true meaning of life. Although this is an abstract view I am sure that individual experiences from a person to another may vary but it never fails in drawing his/her attention either consciously or sub consciously.
The world is a platform for happenings, you see, things just happen, with control or with chaos, what really matters is how one perceives it and derives a meaning out of it. It all depends on the interpretation of the mind for wars are fought in the minds of men and not on the battlefield. War and peace is inarguably the state of the mind itself.  At this point you may feel that this is leading to spirituality but you may reconsider this view since I am only driven by valuable experiences rather than by Ideals.

After all these years I find everything to be divided into two things. Well,  let me put it this way: I see myself (TheShek) on one side and the rest of the world (TheWorld), by which I mean everything there exists except yourself, on the  other side. TheShek has always known only TheWorld, for whatever TheShek ever knew and ever will know belongs to TheWorld! There is no puzzle to solve with my previous statements, whatever I meant to convey was that one can interpret my statements as a scientific approach as well as an artistic approach to understanding how psychology really works or at least how one interacts with the World. Assuming that up to some extent you agree with my claim, you can think of yourself and the world together forming a system in which actions and reactions are dependent on one another.

Wait! Don’t think too much over whatever I have expressed earlier because you ought to understand that I am putting  up a sincere effort to fill up my blog space! But then again it is not completely rubbish (or at least I hope it is not!).
One more thing, my blog isn’t for just any one. But then again you are not just any one! You are the reader who was kind enough to read through my blog without dozing off in the middle.
It so happens that TheShek thought of trying out some interesting things as he has always been interested with trying out things and decided to blog. That was when TheShek came up with iSHEK.

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!